Thai Yoga pregnancy Salzburg – 8 days Course

Level I Thai Yoga 30 hrs & 4 Day Pregnancy Training Massage Course 40 hrs

Thai Yoga massage training Salzburger Land – Seeham
Training Nuad Bo-Rarn Ancient Thai Massage.

Level I 30 hours / beginners course.
Thai Yoga Pregnancy Training 40 Hours / advanced course.

Course procedure:

This Thai Yoga massage training course covers practical aspects such as stretches, acupressure points, proper use of body weight and techniques. The emphasis is also on deeply focused hara work in the abdomen, not on pregnant women. We present a Wai Khru Ceremony and an introduction to Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage. Warm up the body with a foot massage too. 


Both we work on the Sen energy lines. Legs, hip stretching techniques. Abdominal / Hara and chest massage. Arm, hands, shoulder, neck, head and face massage. And the students also learn how to use their palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet. First of all, know contraindications, ethics, Thai massage methods.

We practice demonstrating every day in the 8-day course. Upon completion, students can use Lev. 1 perform an effective Thai massage lasting up to 1 3/4 hours. In addition, the traditional Thai Yoga massage course ends with an exam such as an Evaluation Level 1.

pregnancy workout:

The 4-day pregnancy Thai yoga massage training offers the possibility to treat typical symptoms. Lev. 1 is the prerequisite for this.

Thai Yoga Massage is ideal during pregnancy. Contraindications, acupressure points, positions, routines for symptoms are trained.

Our therapist Guenther Schauer has been treating pregnant women since 1997 and is happy to pass on tips to participants.

Receive a certificate from our school.
Feel safe when having a Thai massage and connect spiritually during the massage.
Our courses are supported by the ETMA European Thai Massage Alliance.
Optional original Thai certificate Lev. 1 confirmed by the Thai Ministry of Health.
Treating Pregnancy Symptoms (100% Practical)

This course is aimed at therapists, yoga teachers, Thai massage practitioners, aspirants, bodyworkers. Individuals who want to help friends or families or do something for personal development and wellness enthusiasts.

This course is primarily aimed at anyone who wants to realize their vision and learn this ancient technique. Walk away with a Thai International Massage Certificate in hand!


Our certified instructor Günther Schauer has more than 25 years of experience in different massage styles and has various professional trainings in Thailand. He learned from the most renowned schools, like Intern. Thai Massage School, ONGs, TMC and Wat Poh among others, received. Furthermore, extensive pregnancy training and practice as well treating pregnant himself.

During our courses, Günther will accompany you and clear up all your doubts. Our courses are personalized and the number of participants in each event is small, maximum 6 people per course.

Our mission is to share the healing Thai massage technique and educate therapists who also treat-massage with the heart, as passion, dedication and holistic approach are our inspirations.

Located in the center of Vienna, our school welcomes students from all over the world. Join us and get certified!

Since Lev. 1 is a beginner’s course, you do not need any prior knowledge.
A sequence manual will be provided.
Thai Yoga Pregnancy Course / Requirement is Lev. 1
You will need a notepad, crayons, pencils and highlighters to take important notes.
We ask you to carry out a PCR or antigen test before the course begins and to present this to our teaching team before the course begins.
Our instructors are vaccinated and tested.


1 day / introduction to Thai massage, legs, feet, energy lines of legs.
2 day / stretching of the legs, hips, thighs, calves, feet.
3 day / Intense stretches, yoga-like exercises, Hara work.
4 day / Energy Lines of Arms, hip stretches, shoulder, neck, head, face, final exam.
5 day / introduction to the advanced pregnancy massage, leg routine & lateral position.
6 day / acupressure points during pregnancy, energy lines back & legs, correct position for pregnant women,
7 day / contraindications, back pain / stress /
8 day / Routines for Insomnia / Morning Sickness / Headache.

Where: Inama Institute, Seeham, Salzburg. Seeham is about 20km north of Salzburg.

When: 26th to 31st December 2022 , 1st, 2nd January 2023, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Instructor: Guenther Schauer, owner of the Schauer Thai Massage School in Vienna. Therapist for pregnant women and licensed for Nuad (Thai Massage).

Wasagasse 6, 1090 Vienna, Austria


Günther Schauer

I have more than 25 years of experience and more than 700 hours of total training in the most prestigious schools in Thailand. My passion is to allow everyone to learn Thai massage and get the benefits of this ancient healing technique.

I love Thai Massage! I have practiced traditional Thai massage since 1995 and received numerous Thai Massages while living in Thailand.

In 2013 I moved to Chile and treated clients in a 5-star SPA Hotel there.

Schauer Thai Massage School was born in 2015 in Santiago, Chile. As a result, Chilean students have completed Thai Massage Courses.

Since then I have been teaching aspirants, therapists, and wellness enthusiasts in traditional Thai Massage.

Thai Massage school Schauer uses the VAK teaching method. In other words, visual, auditory kinaesthetic methods, and one-to-one demonstration methods.

Our school is based in Vienna, Austria. Nowadays, I am happy to share, as a Thai massage instructor, all the benefits that this antique technique has to offer.

My focus is on the northern style Thai Yoga Massage, which involves a bit more gentle pressure and more yoga-like stretches and postures.

My experience as a Thai Massage Instructor goes from traditional Thai massage to Foot Reflexology, Hot herbal Massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy, and Pregnancy Massage.

I teach Thai  Yoga Massage and Watpo style since 2015 and also have a Massage license to perform Thai Massage in Austria.

Our school runs Certified Thai Yoga Massage Retreats and Courses in Greece, Cuba, Morocco, Bali, Thailand, and other amazing destinations around the world. We taught students from, Chile, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria, France, Philippines, India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, UK, Turks & Caicos, Israel, Greece, Turks & Caicos and Cuba.

To share Thai Massage makes me happy!